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What speaker impedance is recommended to match best with the Icon-2 or Icon Amp?


We recommended using only 8-ohm or higher speakers, except in the case of our S-X loudspeaker. The S-X has a special circuit and driver arrangement specifically designed to match the Icon-2/Icon Amp. Although there may be the occasional exception, conventional 4-ohm speakers can often cause pre-mature activation of the protection circuit within the Icon, even at low volume. You see, a 4-ohm speaker requires twice the current compared to an 8-ohm speaker, and the advertised impedance of most all speakers is only a "nominal" rating. That often means their impedance can be lower at some frequencies. Therefore, a 4-ohm rated speaker's impedance may go as low as 3 or even 2-ohms. If so, that would engage the Icon product's protection circuit well before a reasonable volume could be achieved, so that's why we can't generally recommend them. There may be exceptions to this though, so you would need to check the impedance graph of the speaker in question (assuming one is available)in order to be sure.

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